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BANKIER SLOAN produces a monthly newsletter, “OUTLOOK” sent by e-mail. If you wish to receive this please write to writing the words YES PLEASE in the subject box. You will automatically be added to the circulation list.

BANKIER SLOAN welcomes the chance to assist established and new clients, …as well as London and Birmingham based agents. We have for many years co-operated with an ever growing list of national agents. We do however hope that where you have instructions that are un-economic for you to carry out you will ask us to undertake these on your behalf. Except on very rare occasions we do not work as joint agents, we do not believe this works in our clients' interest...sorry!

As you will see from our web site we have dealt exclusively in commercial, industrial and retail property in North Oxfordshire and surrounding areas since 1984.

For further information relating to Available Properties, and the service we provide to many local and regional based companies please spend a few minutes viewing our web site. We always welcome constructive comment and we look forward to hearing from new and established clients, from their agents and professional advisors. However please note the following, which are extracts from recent issues of OUTLOOK, our monthly e-newsletter.

Rental Evidence ... we are very happy to help! 'We continue to provide out-of-area agents with rental evidence. We are very grateful to those who have improved their communication skills over recent months and who are now e-mailing us such requests or at least telephoning with sufficient information to ensure we can be helpful. We only now occasionally get trainee surveyors on the phone who do not know full details of the property they wish to discuss! It does still happen, as illustrated by a surveyor from one well known London agency who phoned on 21st November on behalf of her boss … she knew the address of their client's property in the High Street, Banbury, but didn't know the name of their clients (honest!). " OUTLOOK December 2005"

Energy Performance Certificate UpdateI was not surpised that my comments generated interest last month!  I am grateful to those who thanked me for my research in this matter. If you missed it first time round please send an e-mail to writing Energy Certificate in the subject box and you will receive my opinion as to why you do not need a certificate for many industrial properties, whatever the size.  My opinion was supported by many including one interesting comment from a company who are "Low Carbon Energy Assessors". They wrote:- "Your comments regarding the designation of unconditioned workshops or warehousing etc. were valid insofar as localised radiant or personal heating would still render the space as unconditioned. Any form of volume heater would invalidate this. A subsequent addition of volume heater would require the updating of the EPC (something which could be ensured under landlords consents)". Interesting note for my legal friends when preparing future leases ! November 2008


Our web-site is good, no very good (!)...thank you Lucy.  If you haven't visited it recently, now is the moment.  Get yourself a drink, relax and spend 15 minutes visiting – November 2008


OUTLOOK  Circulation Numbers:   Earlier this year we 'culled' our distribution list, and removed 543 names for a variety of reasons.  Some readers may be interested to know that this issue is being e-mailed to 3,256 addresses, and will be posted to a further 57.  Our list is made up of developers, investors, tenants, agents, local authority members, retailers, major space fact most of the important people 'in property' across our geographical area of work. We thank you all for reading our rambling notes !  - November 2008

Property management: Money spent keeping a site tidy, repairing pot-holes and keeping tenants happy is money well spent, especially in a credit crunch. It is easier to keep a tenant than find a new one. OUTLOOK July 2009

We have £1,000,000 (One Million Pounds) to spend on behalf of clients! We are pleased to have received instructions from private investors to acquire two or possibly three investment properties to add to their existing portfolio. We are fully retained and therefore require no fee from agents or vendors. We anticipate suitable premises are likely to be located in The Cotswolds, South Warwickshire and North Oxfordshire. For full details please see OUTLOOK July 2012


“Many thanks for the cherished copy of OUTLOOK’s 100th issue, interesting as always” A. Stevens July 2012

“Congratulations to all at Bankier Sloan on 100 editions of OUTLOOK, a milestone indeed! As you know I always read it and find it both informative and entertaining, keep sending please.” R. Mawle July 2012

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