In all cases fees are negotiable and we trust they will accurately reflect the value of the professional advice provided. Bankier Sloan does however expect an advance payment from clients. This ensures not only the clients ability to meet their obligations but just as important it ensures the client that Bankier Sloan will act on their behalf. We do believe that the payment of a fee gives the client the right to hassle us when necessary! We wish clients to appreciate that when making an advance payment the fee will not be paid into a Client Account and will not be protected by RICS Regulation and the Client Money Protection Scheme.


This method of receiving advance payments from clients has been operated since BANKIER SLOAN was established in November 1984.


We assume, unless otherwise agreed, that our clients are prepared to accept our standard fee structure which is:



2% of freehold sales.


10% of the first years rent on new leases (excluding any rent free period that may be given).


8% of rents achieved on review, although we usually agree actual fees with clients in advance (this will usually be a minimum of 350 and a maximum of 5,000).



Bankier Sloan have built up a large number of loyal clients. Some we act for on a continuous basis whilst others call on our services as and when needed. We will happily provide a list of such companies and individuals to prospective clients. We know we have not always pleased ALL of our clients ALL of the time (the truth is sometimes hard to bear when dealing with industrial property in a major recession), however it is our wish to help, be constructive, and be professional at all times. See References.

The fact that we have survived thiry two years suggests to us that we have got most things right. We are confident our clients will agree.