Ian Bankier Sloan is a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Bankier Sloan was formed in November 1984 as a specialist Chartered Surveying practice dealing exclusively with industrial, commercial and retail property.



Buying a property may well be an individual or company’s biggest ever purchase. It is essential to gain maximum value for money. Questions that need to be asked include; Is it the only suitable property available, and are you sure? A professional “search” of property available will be money and time well spent and should enable clients to make the right move, with confidence. The property market is not always easy to follow, even professionals with years of experience have found it difficult at times to read the market correctly. The opportunities to acquire property at a good price will always exist, it is usually a question of being in the right place at the right time. Bankier Sloan’s clients have those opportunities.



The marketing of premises is becoming ever more sophisticated. It is important that premises being sold are not only advertising to maximum effect but that individual contacts within the business community are energetically pursued. Many of the largest property transactions occur as a result of such contacts, which have been methodically built up by professionals and well-established agents such as Bankier Sloan.



Even at a time when local authorities are attempting to encourage industrial and business communities to expand, planning permissions are not always easy to obtain. Expert advice at an early stage is money and time well spent. Industrial development in rural locations is a particular field in which Bankier Sloan has considerable expertise. For information on current planning applications in the region, please click on planning Page.



In all cases fees are negotiable and we trust they will accurately reflect the value of the professional advice provided. Bankier Sloan does expect an advance payment from clients. This ensures not only the clients ability to meet their obligations but just as importantly it ensures the client that Bankier Sloan will act on their behalf. We do believe that the payment of a fee gives the client the right to hassle us when necessary!



If your lease is terminating any time in the next twelve months, or if your existing tenants lease is due to terminate in the next year, seek professional advice now. Don’t leave it any longer – it may cost you!



Ensuring that an individual tenant does not pay more rent than is necessary often requires the professional assistance of a Chartered Surveyor with a detailed knowledge of market conditions. Such knowledge is also used to assist landlords, for whom we act in ever increasing numbers. The aim must always be to maximise return on investment, whilst at the same time ensuring the tenant is not driven out of business. A vacant unit is a bad investment!



Good management will lead to good landlord/tenant relationships and hopefully to prosperity for all concerned. Bad management, or indeed the lack of any sort of management, may lead to personal conflicts, aggressive attitudes and if all goes wrong, to the courts! Bankier Sloan manages on a retained basis a number of industrial sites in Gloucestershire, Northamptonshire and North Oxfordshire.



Leases can vary dramatically. Landlords and tenants frequently enter into leases, which will affect their business for many years to come, possibly until they retire … and even beyond! As in selling a property, skilled marketing is vital. However, in the case of leasehold negotiations, the terms laid down could create long-lasting problems. Initial negotiations, conducted by a professional might not always save rents but they could save a business in years to come.


Bankier Sloan have built up a large number of loyal clients. Some we act for on a continuous basis whilst others call on our services as and when needed. We will happily provide a list of such companies and individuals to prospective clients. We know we have not always pleased ALL of our clients ALL of the time but the fact that we have survived twenty two years suggests to us that we have got most things right. We are confident our clients will agree. References